The Solutionix Rexcan CS2+ is a professional 3D scanner made by Solutionix, a manufacturer based in South-Korea. The Solutionix C500 is the latest evolution of the Rexcan CS lineup. The Solutionix Rexcan CS2+ line of 3D scanners uses a structured light 3D scanning technology and was designed for small and medium size objects. This 3D scanner offers an automatised 3D scans alignments and automatic calibration. For specific uses cases, the sensor can be used separately for more flexibility. The dimensions and weight are given for the sensor only as the full 3D scanner with support and rotary table weights 18.5 kg. The Solutionix Rexcan CS2+ is available in two versions, the first with 2.3 MP cameras and another one with 6 MP cameras. The latest allows an extended 3D scanning area and a better performance (and is also more expensive).