The Mbot Grid II+, an easy-to-use and powerful desktop 3D printer


The Mbot Grid II+ is an affordable and easy-to-use desktop 3D printer. At $1,099, the Grid II+ offers among the best price to performance ratios on the market.

The Grid II+ is an improved version of MBot’s flagship desktop 3D printer, the Grid II. The Mbot Grid II+ features several upgraded components based on user feedbacks, to deliver an enhanced performance and a user-friendly experience.

Discover below all the innovations that make the Mbot Grid II+ a unique 3D printer!


Smart compensation

The leveling of the Grid II+ print platform is accurately controlled by a smart compensation system, which can adjust the height or tilt the angle of the build plate during the print.


Filament Monitor

The Filament Monitor detects when the Grid II+ is out of filament (or the filament is broken), and it pauses the print to allow the user to reload filament.

Efficient print head

The print head is easy to access with the removable front fan, and the filament feed port is totally visible, which makes maintenance easy. The fan allows to cool the PLA immediately after extruding for increased print performance.


Removable build plate

The borosilicate glass build plate is fastened using magnets, making it easy to remove prints. It also comes with BuildTak, a durable print surface for improved results.


The Grid II+ is a robust machine. All moving and easy-wearing parts are made of anti-corrosive metal parts. It is equipped with towline cables to protect the X-axis motor wiring and avoid abrasion failure, ensuring performance stability and extend the Grid II+ lifetime.

New software

The Grid II+ comes with MPrint, the latest version of Mbot software, an easy to use and powerful slicing software.

Smart compensation

The MBot Grid II+ can automatically measure the distances between the nozzle and the three ends of the build platform.

The smart compensation system then automatically adjusts the height or tilt angle during printing, so that printing quality won’t be affected and the extruder won’t clog even when the build platform tilts slightly.

Technical specifications


Layer resolution 0.1 – 0.3 mm


Dimensions 405 x 405 x 405 mm
Weight 20 kg


Connectivity USB, SD card
Power input 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 150W


Print speed 50 – 120 mm/s
Max. build volume (dual-head) 200 x 210 x 180 cm


Filament type PLA / ABS,  1.75 mm diameter
Extruder temperature 210℃ – 260℃