We’re Pierre-Antoine and Martin, two childhood friends from France, passionate with 3D printing. We started Aniwaa in 2012 as a side project, and left our jobs last year to take it to the next level.

Today, we’re super excited to launch our new website, Aniwaa.com.

With Aniwaa, our goal is to deliver relevant knowledge to help our users make the right choices for their 3D printing projects. This new site allows for instance to easily search and compare more than 1,300 products (including 855 3D printers!).

It took us about 9 months to build this site, and the least we can say is that it was a bumpy ride. We worked countless hours, spending days arguing on small design details, manually collecting tens of thousands of data points on 3D printers and other products, crafting a vision for our project as we were building it.

In the process, we went through weird social withdrawal phases, alienated our gf/wife way too often, and “rescheduled” many Skype sessions with our families back home (we live in Japan and Cambodia by the way).

This experience was also a big test to our friendship. With the ups and downs and frustrations we were confronted to, we often found ourselves resenting things, sometimes finding no better outlet than passive/agressive messages or outbursts of negativity. But we found that a 25 years friendship is a pretty solid foundation and that open conversations can solve many things!

Anyway, we made it and we’re proud of the result.

Let us know your feedback and many thanks to everyone who helped and supported us.


Pierre-Antoine and Martin