3D scanners - Comparison, guides, reviews and roundups

3D scanners are used to capture in three dimensions the shape, geometries and possibly the textures and colors of an object. The result is a 3D model which can be exported to a 3D software for further modifications, archived, 3D printed and more.

3D scanners are mainly used in professional and industrial applications such as reverse engineering, inspection, metrology, healthcare or cultural heritage preservation.

There are several 3D scanning technologies, from structured light to laser 3D scanning or photogrammetry which stitches regular 2D photos together to generate a 3D model. Various types of 3D scanners are available on the market : desktop 3D scanners, handheld 3D scanners, portable 3D scanners and even smartphone 3D scanning apps!

In this section, we've listed all our 3D scanner-related content : product reviews, comparison tool, rankings of the best 3D scanners and guides. As usual, our goal is to help our users find the best 3D scanner for their need and budget.