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The best 3D printing Youtube channels

The 3D printing community is a vibrant and exciting one, and it is particularly active on YouTube. Many new 3D printing YouTubers launched their channels in the past year, and most 3D printing creators have grown tremendously – from a few subs in September 2016 to a few thousand in March 2017, sometimes way more!


We spent a lot of time exploring YouTube and searching for great video content on additive manufacturing to create the most comprehensive list of 3D printing YouTube channels to date. From 3D printer unboxing to filament reviews, 3D printing tutorials, how-to’s, live streams and more, discover more on 3D printing with the channels below.

List of the best 3D printing YouTube channels

YouTube channelLive subscribers counter..........................Subs count*Growth**CategoryCountry
I Like To Make Stuff 1195547MakerUS
Barnacules Nerdgasm857201Tech reviewerUS
James Bruton449540Cosplay/propsUK
Punished Props169716Cosplay/propsUS
Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel1283981077%3D printingUS
Maker’s Muse72888132%3D printingAustralia
3D Printing Nerd79656107%3D printingUS
RCLifeOn41280Tech reviewerSweden
Thomas Sanladerer77293100%3D printingGermany
3D Print Guy2766272%3D printingCanada
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu17415MakerChina
Uncle Jessy18763Cosplay/propsUS
Tech2C238933D printingAustralia
Jaidyn Edwards30008MakerAustralia
ModBot18844Tech reviewerUS
CHEP 3D Printing1503334%3D printingUS
Mold3D TV1268829%3D printingUS
PRINT THAT THING1472016%3D printingUS
Chaos Core Tech6817133%3D printingUS
The Hot End777027%3D printingAustralia
3D Maker Noob27466438%3D printingMalta
3D Printing Professor6115153%3D printingUS
DIY Engineering2433MakerUS
A Pyro Design40395%3D printingUS
Kirby Downey99222%Cosplay/propsUK
Richard Horne811617%3D printingUK
3D Central6260154%3D printingUS
Hoffman Engineering695646%3D printingUS
Simone | FNTSMN748121%3D printingUK
Daniel Norée5568102%MakerSweden
3D Print – Tech Design542780%3D printingSweden

Zbysek Pilny
1665MakerCzech Republic
ProfDrafting46303D printingUS
JAT.MN3199698%3D printingUS
Joe Mike Terranella3385139%3D printingUS
3DprintedLife437120%3D printingUS
3D Print Everything11443D printingUS
doodaddoes34453D printingUS
TashTech303881%3D printingSouth Africa
Andreas Hölldorfer335925%Tech reviewerGermany
Nerdly2269293%3D printingUS
Nillabean25481168%Tech reviewerUS
That 3D Print Guy173080%3D printingAustralia
BusyBotz34383D printingUS
Novice Expert277421%3D printingUS
Think Making1791134%3D printingHonduras
Abuzz Designs1589206%3D printingUS
SparkyFace5248814%3D printingAustralia
FugaTech 3D Printing1288320%3D printingUS
XYZAidan1217141%Tech reviewerUS
Desktop Makes6243D printingUS
Jimmy Shaw's Tidbits1330158%3D printingUS
TGAW228710%3D printingUS
3d Print Creator14683D printingNetherlands
Bobot's Trains and Maker Zone2198MakerUS
Model3D1545283%3D printingUK
Dream 3D18243D printingUK
Print 3D Channel602197%3D printingUS
D-Tech834132%3D printingUS
Dustin Corbin142158%3D printingUS
3DPrintingEverything117026%3D printingUS
Maker Hacks722MakerUS
NolanC 3DPrint Works760193%3D printingUS
N Squared7363D printingUS
3D Printing Lab6843D printingUS
Extruder Joe5712184%3D printingUS
ZakkBlog55434%3D printingCanada
3D Noobie51939%3D printingUS

Agustin Flowalistik
1503D printingSpain

1983D printingUK
CJ Printing4821%3D printingUS
Panoreth 3D Printing4319%3D printingUS

3043D printingUK
Unlikely Creators372564%3D printingUS
Safety Glasses Required220MakerUS
Practical Printing683D printingUS
Eugene Pentland1713D printingUS

How I Do It
JuicyMoose Productions184318%3D printingUS
3D Printed Aspie2023D printingUS
NeoPortnoy 3D Printing24366%3D printingUS
Improper Engineering2673D printingUS
Stuff With Kirby26540%MakerUS
Angel's Tinkering Corner21166%3D printingUS
Bryce Standley 3D Printing!1753D printingAustralia
Prototype Professor23363%3D printingUS
Make It And Fake It23D printingUS
Disrupt It Yourself22514%3D printingUS
Mikolas 3D Printing1703D printingCzech Republic
PatternToPrint223D printingUS
3D Printing Reviews150285%3D printingUK
Michael Phelps131992%3D printingUS
Another 3D Printing Channel135114%3D printingUS
Three-Dee Kid10259%3D printingUK
JustinTime3DPrints1303D printingUS
Cat543D printingLiechtenstein
Mitch 3D7289%3D printingUS
Mega Making
733D printingMalaysia
Average Joe 3D Printing623D printingUS
Zidim583D printingNetherlands

Wotcha Printin?
353D printingAustralia
Hobby Techno173D printingUS
The Printing Kid443D printingUS
Cláudio Rocha
343D printingTurkey
Turenkarn193D printingUK
3D Print Anything283D printingUS
Andrew Bolton333D printingUK

Calvin Witt
Paul Curtis203D printingUS
* Number of channel subscribers as of March 24, 2017.
** Growth rate of the channel between September 2016 and March 2017, over a 6-month period.

The goal of this list of 3D printing-related YouTube channels is not to rank them by quality but to provide a comprehensive overview of the 3D printing landscape on YouTube. And also, we want to give visibility to smaller 3D printing channels and help you find some great video content!

A selection of great 3D printing channels on YouTube

Best YouTube channels, Make Anything a 3D printing channel. Presenting general types and great products to 3D print.

Make Anything // 3D Printing Channel

Make Anything is the biggest YouTube channel specialized in 3D printing. In his videos, Devin builds fun 3D printed objects and also gives useful 3D printing tips. Devin’s videos often have the potential to become viral and appeal to watchers way beyond the 3D printing community. Devin loves to use optical illusions and tricks to make visually striking 3D printing videos such as his famous Super Satisfying Twist Containers.

Thomas Sanladerer

Tom is among the most popular 3D printing YouTube creators and there is a reason for that. His channel is a healthy mix of useful tips, in-depth tutorials, as well as balanced and thorough reviews. The German YouTube star also loves to test the limits of the 3D printers he tests, for example by carrying out experiments such as in this awesome “Destructive testing: which 3D prints are bulletproof?” video. Tom’s channel is rather “serious”: you won’t find here clickbait/viral videos but researched, well-produced and insightful content. That’s actually what we love!

Best 3D printing YouTube channels; Thomas Salander a german Youtuber presenting us very useful tips.
Best 3D printing YouTube channels 3D printing Nerd. Joel is presenting us many fun videos.

3D Printing Nerd

In the span of a few years, Joel became a fixture of the 3D printing community. His outgoing personality, infectious good mood and relentless social media presence enabled him to become a great ambassador of the 3D printing community. On his 3D Printing Nerd YouTube channel, you can find all kinds of 3D printing-related content: from unboxings to trade shows visits, outstanding prints and more, everyone will find something they love. In March 2017, Joel’s coin sorter video went viral which provided a boost to his channel overall, setting him on track to break the 100k subscribers bar in the coming weeks. An amazing and well-deserved achievement for one of the hardest-working creators on this list. To top it all, Joel often uses his huge social media reach to promote less established Youtubers. This guy is the best friend any 3D printing addict wants! What else can we add? Just one thing: #HighFive!

Maker’s Muse

Maker’s Muse is one the most-established 3D printing creators on YouTube. On his channel, Angus not only carries out in-depth 3D printer reviews but he also provides lots of useful tips and educational videos. One thing you should know: Angus has a thing for torturing 3D printers, not for the sake of it (we think!) but rather to push the machines to their limits. For example, he loves designing insanely complex 3D models of objects super challenging to print! Angus recently started focusing on resin-based 3D printers, making his channel stand out as the vast majority of 3D printer videos focus on FFF/FDM 3D printers. He also often puts dirt-cheap 3D printers to the test, and debunks any phony Marketing promises. All in all, a must-subscribe to channel if you’re into 3D printing!

Best 3D printing YouTube channels with Maker Muse. Angus is showing us how to fix his 3D printer.
Best 3D printing Youtube channels Naomi Sexy Cyborg Wu

Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu

Naomi is a maker and web developer based in Shenzen, China. Naomi is passionate about 3D printing a technology among others she uses in her popular videos. She often visits maker fairs and trade show in Asia, producing awesome and immersive 360° videos to show the rest of the world that Asia is also a hotbed with active local 3D printing/maker communities. Naomi is also one of the few voices defending minorities in the makers community. Be that the overwhelming domination of the white male demographic in 3D printing/maker media or the stereotypes attached to female makers, Naomi never lacks words to smartly bring people’s attention to these important topics – always in a respectful and educational way. So don’t be fooled by her SexyCyborg moniker, Naomi is much more than that 🙂


Dustin, aka the Jatman, is a very active and rising Youtuber and 3D printing evangelist. Despite being fairly recent, his channel is growing super fast, thanks to Dustin’s always thorough reviews and his overall 3D printing expertise. One thing that make this channel stand out: the weekly live stream series “3D Printing Tonight”, a kind of late night show where he discusses the week’s hot topics (check out the infamous Tiko videos!) and does Q/A sessions. Dustin is among the most involved members of the 3D printing community, with very active social media profiles and regular participation in event or guest videos. No doubt Dustin is on the right track to be a top 3D printing Youtuber, so get onboard now and subscribe!

The 3D printing channels the JAT.MN.

The best 3D printing youtube channels Chaos Core Tech is presenting us is last and really good designs.

Chaos Core Tech

Garrett is a programmer passionate by 3D printing and making in general. On his channel, he shares his tips to design and 3D print characters from comics, movies or video games. From South Park Christmas tree characters to sword design tutorials on Fusion360, Garrett is never short of inspiration to create new videos and share them with his audience!

A Pyro Design

  • Creator name: Travis
  • Country: United States ??
  • Most popular video: 3d animated Family Guy cool whip scene
  • Patreon: you can support Travis in his mission to bring logos to life by becoming one of his patron by clicking here.

On his YouTube channel, Travis shares insights on his process to create three dimensional logos from 2D images. You can watch the whole process from the designing part to the 3D printing part. Travis often collaborates with other 3D printing creators, either to bring their logos to life, or to create insanely cool objects such as this retro Sonic the Hedgehog logo, with Chaos Core Tech.

The 3D printing YouTube channels A Pyro Design. He is bringing 2D logos to life.
The best 3D printing YouTube channels Abuzz Designs, Lauren presenting her latest 3D creations.

Abuzz Designs

  • Creator name: Lauren Renee
  • Country: United States ??
  • Most popular video: DIY Wall Ombre Painted Canvas
  • Patreon: Lauren needs patrons help to be able to keep making awesome videos. You can support her by clicking here and contribute to her Patreon.

Lauren is a passionate designer and maker, sharing her passion on her YouTube channel with original videos such as tutorials to create halloween costumes, gift cards and even yummy looking recipes. Lauren is one of the few very active women of the 3D printing community. She quickly managed to connect with many other makers, her always positive attitude certainly played a part in the success of her channel.


Chuck is a seasoned maker and 3D printing user with extensive experience in electronics. On his YouTube channel, Chuck focuses on practical uses of 3D printing in his famous show called Filament Friday. You can, for instance, learn how to use 3D printing to repair a broken broom handle. Tired of printing useless plastic gadgets? Check out Chuck’s channel now!

The best 3D printing YouTube channels CHEP is explaining how to fix our 3D printers.
The 3D printing YouTube channels Richard Horne is presenting some really cool RepRap projects.

Richard Horne

Richard, also know online as RichRap, is a long time maker and 3D printing user from the UK. On his channel, Richard focuses on quality over quantity: there are few but in-depth and highly instructive 3D printers reviews. As his nickname RichRap suggests, he is also very involved in the RepRap movement. A great no-frills 3D printing YouTube channel.

Simone | FNTSMN

Simone, an Italien maker living in London, runs a pretty awesome channel famous for his unboxing and props making videos. On his channel, Simone will share his pro tips on how to make super realistic props and accessories from Overwatch, League of Legends and many more. On the 3D printer reviews side, Simone is probably the creator who receive the most new models to test, so his channel never runs out of cool content.

Best 3D printing Youtube channels Simone FNSTMN. Is presenting us his new 3D printed prop.
Best 3D printing YouTube channels Daniel Norée with open R/C program.

Daniel Norée

Daniel Norée is an award-winning Swedish 3D designer and 3D printing evangelist. He also is the author of The OpenR/C Project and The OpenRailway Project, and inventor of the famous Benchy. In his videos, Daniel provides guidance on how to build remote controlled cars or drones using 3D printing. He also showcases nice 3D printed objects such as a snowball maker or wrenches. A great channel from one of the pillars of the 3D printing community!

3D printing on Youtube: trends and takeaways

The best 3D printing youtube channels. A little conclusion after observing the results.
  • There are MANY YouTube channels about 3D printing.

Since our last article in September 2016 the number of 3D printing-related channels has grown sharply, showing how active the 3D printing community is. We have 88 channels on this list, and many of them are growing really fast!

  • Live streaming is on the rise.

In 2016, YouTube added a live stream option and many 3D printing creators are making the most of it. Often longer than regular videos, YouTube live streams are used for live unboxing videos but also to make innovative format such the 3D Printing Tonight show by JAT.MN.

  • There is a diversity issue in the 3D printing/makers community.

The vast majority of 3D printing Youtubers are – surprise – white men. That’s a fact, and it’s becoming somewhat preoccupying, as diversity in media is always important (yes, YouTube is a media!). In terms of gender balance, we only list 5 women with a 3D printing Youtube channel, and that’s not enough. Let’s not even get started on the overwhelming caucasian domination…

This hot topic is of course not limited to 3D printing and not easy to tackle but some voices are trying to make themselves heard, from Naomi Wu to the more controversial 3DPConfidential on Twitter. The diversity issue and lack of visibility for minorities in the makers community is definitely a hot topic which we hope will be addressed collectively in 2017.

  • YouTube is a great (and free!) promotion channel for 3D printer brands.

3D printing companies are now using YouTubers to launch and promote their new products, by sending test units to prominent community members, sometimes flying them to events. Among the most successful 3D printer launches relying on heavy YouTube promotion were the Prusa i3 MK2, the Ultimaker 3 and the BCN3D Sigma R17.

Sending test units to 3D printing Youtubers can be a very efficient strategy when your machine is on point but can also backfire (ask the guys at Tiko or Tevo…). Best practices include building a friendly relationship with these Youtubers and the 3D printing community, ensure they have all they need to carry out the tests in optimal conditions and address any issue or negative feedback which may arise. Also, make sure your 3D printer is not crap.

How to make money with a Youtube channel?


The easiest way to monetize a YouTube channel is advertising: YouTube being a part of Google, it is very easy to start showing ads on your videos through the AdSense program. To earn money from views on your videos, you can show banners or video ads in your videos and generate revenue every time a viewer will click on an ad.

Affiliate programs

Many Youtubers participate in affiliate programs, the most popular one being Amazon Associates. Thanks to these 3D printing affiliate marketing programs, creators can earn a commission via special links. If you make a purchase on the website (Amazon or others) using their custom link, the creator will receive a commission. If you want to support some of you favorites 3D printing creators while online shopping, just use their affiliate links usually found in  description fields below a video.


Another way to earn $$$ revenue or get free products through YouTube is to get sponsored by a brand or establish a partnership with them. In the case of 3D printing, 3D printers and 3D scanners brands can send you 3D printers or 3D scanners for reviews.

Starting a Patreon

Patreon is a global crowdfunding platform where content creators of all kind can get sustainable income from recurring donations from fans. Many 3D printing YouTube channel have a Patreon where you can contribute with a monthly donation, starting as low as a few dollars. Some of the most established Youtubers in our list can earn thousands of dollars each month thanks to their Patreon. Thomas Sanladerer for instance makes around $2k per month thanks to donations from his fans, thus providing more financial freedom to run his channel.

Joining a multi-channel network (MCN)

According to Wikipedia, “a multi-channel network (MCN) is an organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube, to offer assistance to a channel owner in areas such as “product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development” in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel”. MCN are now common in the world of YouTubers looking to monetize their channel, and several makers from our list have already joined a MCN. If you’re looking to take your 3D printing YouTube channel to the next step, this could be the way to go. No need to have tens of thousands of subscribers either, as MCN are not only focusing on reach but also on engagement of the audience on high potential niches such as additive manufacturing.

How to use our list of the 3D printing channels on YouTube

Live subscribers counter

In this column you can see in real-time how many subscribers there are on a given 3D printing YouTube channel.

Subs count

Here is the number of subscribers as of Friday March 24, 2017, exactly 6 months after the last subs count we did on September 24, 2016. This allowed us to calculate a 6 month growth rate for channels which were already in our list 6 months ago.


This is the growth percentage of the channel, based on the evolution of the total number of subscribers over the past 6 months (from September 24, 2016 to March 24, 2017). You can check the previous version of the list here to see the subscribers count in September 2016.


This time, we’ve decided categorize 3D printing YouTubers to allow you to easily find the content you want:

  • 3D printing: this is the main category, covering YouTube channels focusing solely on 3D printing and producing videos such as 3D printers unboxings, tests, tips and general informations about additive manufacturing.
  • Maker: we regrouped here the channels of maker creators who regularly offer 3D printing-related content but whose channel is not fully dedicated to 3D printing. We thought it was interesting to expand a bit the scope of the list to see how established makers make the most of 3D printing for their projects.
  • Tech reviewer: there are many tech reviewers with highly successful YouTube channels, and some of them have a knack for 3D printers! Why not include them here?
  • Cosplay/props: this category covers creators and makers who use 3D printing to make cosplay, movie accessories and props. A very popular and active YouTube group with a nice overlap with the 3D printing community.

Country of origin

Pretty straightforward, because it’s cool to see how global the 3D printing movement has become (although most channels are still from the US).

For this list, we selected only 3D printing YouTube channels managed by independent creators. However, some 3D printing companies run great YouTube channels with instructive videos. For example MatterHackers, a leading US reseller of 3D printers, produces lots of great content, from reviews to tutorials.

The different types of 3D printing YouTube videos


In tutorials, 3D printing Youtubers give step-by-step instructions on topics such as how to build a 3D printer in kit, how to improve your 3D printing techniques and many more. You can also find 3D printing video tutorials on how to solve general 3D printers problems such as nozzle clogging.

The best 3D printing YouTube channels, models présentations.


An unboxing is a video where Youtubers unbox 3D printers, 3D scanners or 3D filaments and share their first impressions with the viewers. 3D printers unboxing videos are quite popular and they usually cover every step, from opening the cardboard box to launching the first print. These videos are very popular on YouTube (not only for 3D printers!), as they allow viewers to share the thrill of unboxing a brand new machine and also provide unfiltered insights for potential buyers.


For 3D printer reviews, manufacturers usually send a test unit to one or several Youtubers in order to get a video review and give exposure to their machine in the 3D printing community. Some creators also make reviews of 3D printers or filaments they purchased themselves, thus avoiding the potential conflict of interest. Lately, a growing number of 3D printer and 3D filament brands have started to use YouTube reviews as a promotion channel, sending multiple 3D printer test units to influential channels and actively engaging with the community. Most Youtubers do not charge for a 3D printer review but they can sometimes keep the product for free.


In 3D printing tips videos, you will find ideas on how to solve a problem on your 3D printer or how to make some improvements to your 3D printer and your 3D prints.

How to become 3D printing Youtuber?

how to become a 3D printing Youtuber. The tips from the best 3D printing Youtubers.

The beauty of YouTube is that anyone with basic video equipment can become a creator. To launch a 3D printing YouTube channel, you basically need a recording device, a 3D printer, and a good dose of motivation! Of course, if you intend to make tutorials or hands-on videos about 3D printing, having access to a 3D printer is a plus 😉 (some decent DIY 3D printers are available for as low a $200). Note that the most popular YouTubers not only use top notch video and audio gear, they also have great video production and editing skills, which take a lot of practice to acquire.

Once you’ve started your YouTube channel, you want to build a following and promote it on social medias so people can discover your work. The 3D printing community is very active on Twitter, Facebook and on 3D printing forums. To find the best places to promote your channel, you can check our article of the best forums, communities and discussion groups about 3D printing.  If you’re planning to launch your channel, let us know about it, we will check it out and add it to our list of the best YouTube channels.

Conclusion on the best 3D printing YouTube channels

The 3D printing community is a fast-growing and very active group. The number of YouTube channels specialized in 3D printing keeps growing every month and some of them are now becoming established brands with a large following and professional approach to what started as a passion side project. It is great to see this branch of the 3D printing media landscape grow and structure itself!

We were the first website to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of the 3D printing YouTUbe community and will continue to update our list of creators and publish updates every 6 months. Stay tuned 🙂 And should you decide to open a YouTube channel, please contact us so we can add you to the list. You can give us your opinion on Facebook and Twitter.