Meet the all-new HDI Advance R4x, the high-end 3D scanning solution for the industrial metrology market.

The HDI Advance family of scanners captures complete digital 3D scans from physical objects in just seconds, with the HDI Advance R4x model delivering superior scanning accuracy and flexibility.

Able to generate a single scan at up to 36µm accuracy and generate up to 3.2 million points (6.4 million polygons) per scan, this powerful system is ideal for industrial metrology applications such as quality control inspection.


Fast scan speed

Rapid scan speeds ranging between 0.88 and 1.3 seconds per scan.


Dual machine vision cameras to capture high resolution and accurate 3D scans.

Full field scanning

The HDI Advance R4x captures the full view of an object.

Stable and reliable

Carbon fiber bar to secure the cameras for improved stability and

Built-in post-processing

Automatic scanning, mesh geometry alignment, hole filling, cut plane definitions
and more.

Powerful SDK

Customize and script your scanning workflow.

Technical specifications


Max. resolution3.2 million points per scan
Points distance0.088 mm at 212 mm FOV
0.266 mm at 676 mm FOV


Field of view (FOV)5 presets, between 212 mm and 676 mm
Standoff385 mm at 212 mm FOV
1,110 mm at 676 mm FOV


Output formatsPLY, OBJ, STL, ASC, FBX, 3D3
Scanning softwareFlexScan3D