RangeVision Spectrum is designed for scanning small, medium, and larger objects. This 3D scanner has three fields of view and is equipped with 3.1 Mpix industrial color cameras. RangeVision Spectrum captures complex geometry, flat and long objects, as well as small details with high 3D resolution while keeping the 3D accuracy up to 0.04 mm.

The RangeVision Spectrum is a new 3D high-resolution scanner, working on the principle of structured illumination. The Spectrum combines the technical capabilities of professional 3D scanners and the availability of a desktop solution.


“3-in-one” scanner

Three scanning zones to capture different-sized objects from 1cm up to 3m.

3.1 Mpix industrial cameras

For highly detailed and full-colour scans.

Three scan modes

To render complex geometry of objects of any size and shape.

“All inclusive” configuration

The RangeVision Spectrum package includes everything you need for your scanning job and even more: this scanner is equipped with an automatic turntable to enhance your 3D scanning experience and a travel case for easy transportation.

  • Automatic turntable: this compact and lightweight model is a perfect solution for scanning small and medium-sized objects weighing up to 5 kg.
  • Travel case: stable and reliable travel case enables 3D scanning to be easily performed directly on site.

Three scanning zones

Three scanning modes

Scanning with automatic turntable
Quick and easy scanning of small and medium-sized objects on the automatic turntable. Capturing a 360-degree 3D model of an object takes only two minutes.

Free scan
You can easily render complex geometry and large items with the latest automatic algorithm of meshes registration by the geometry of the object. In addition, the manual modes are available for professional users to have full control over a 3D model creating.

Scanning with markers
A fast and accurate way to merge multiple scans in an automatic mode.

Perfect for scanning large and smooth objects (eg cylindrical shape or with plenty of flat surfaces). Markers can be used in two ways. They can be applied directly to the object or placed on the surface of the object. Then any surface becomes a platform for 3D scanning of even too heavy objects.


Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping

Industrial design and car tuning


Restoration and preservation of cultural heritage

Furniture and decor

Souvenirs manufacturing

RangeVision ScanCenter: a multipurpose 3D scanning software

ScanCenter, the user-friendly RangeVision software, comes with free updates and is included in the price of the Spectrum 3D scanner. All necessary functions are built-in:

  • Align and merge 3D scans into a complete digital 3D model without exporting them to a separate post-processing software
  • Obtain a ready-to-use 3D model for any CAD/CAM, 3D modeling, or 3D printing software.
  • Get unlimited updates: with a 3D scanner Spectrum, you receive an unlimited software license with a guarantee of free updates. With each new version of the program, you’ll get access to all new features and functions.

Examples of 3D scans

Car Door
Glue Gun (housing part)
Splatoon Inkling Squid
Dragon head

Find more on Sketchfab.

Technical specifications

Scanning area, mm520*390*390280*210*210133*100*100
Size of the object, m0.6-30.3-10.01-0.4
3D point accuracy, mm0.120.060.04
3D resolution, mm0.260.170.072
Working distance, m10.60.3