TrackScan-P550 overview


Introduced in 2020, the TrackScan-P series quickly became a reference among optical 3D scanners. The new Scantech TrackScan-P (also known as TrackScan-P550), released in October 2022, is the most advanced optical 3D measurement system of the series.

It offers several key innovations including ultra-fast 3D scanning, upgraded high-resolution cameras, and an innovative edge detection feature. Same as the previous versions, TrackScan-P550 is a target-free tracking 3D scanner that can precisely measure parts without the hassle of having to stick reference targets.

This 3D measurement system consists of a portable 3D scanner and an optical tracker (called E-Track). It can be paired with an auxiliary light module to inspect circles, grooves, and machined holes of stamping parts. 

Used in combination with the portable CMM (T-Probe), the TrackScan-P550 can provide precise contact measurements and deliver high-precision 3D data for edges, circles, and grooves.

The TrackScan-P550 can be mounted onto a robotic arm as part of an automated 3D inspection system, making this tracking 3D scanner a good fit for advanced manufacturing applications.


The TrackScan-P550 is designed to capture large-scale objects in applications from quality control, product development, reverse engineering, and more. It can enable efficient and accurate 3D capture in various industries and applications, from aerospace to automotive, rail transport, molding, and more.

Key benefits

  • Target-free 3D scanning
  • Ultra-fast measurement
  • Edge detection
  • Extendable measuring volume

TrackScan-P550 highlights

Versatile 3D scanning modes

The TrackScan-P550 offers three 3D capture modes, making this optical 3D scanner a perfect fit for various use cases.

  • Ultra-fast for efficiency: up to 2,600,000 measurements/s
  • Hyperfine for details: accuracy of up to 0.025 mm
  • Deep hole for hard-to-reach areas (Single blue laser line to capture 3D data of deep holes)

Large-volume tracking

With its dual-camera system, the TrackScan-P550 is designed to capture large-scale objects and parts. Its measurement range can be dynamically extended by adding more E-Tracks without compromising accuracy. 

Edge Detection

TrackScan-P550 features an innovative instant edge detection feature. Users can inspect circles, grooves, and machined holes of stamping parts in various finishes right on the site without having to import original CAD models. 

Target-free 3D capture

TrackScan-P550 3D system’s optical tracking allows users to start scanning instantly without having to stick targets on the object they want to capture, thus significantly improving operations efficiency. 


The TrackScan-P550 can be mounted on a robotic arm for automation in applications such as inspection. Its E-Track can also be combined with path planning software for smart robotic path planning and guiding.

Durable and reliable

TrackScan-P550 boasts a sturdy, durable design and is made from aerospace-grade materials. It includes a useful anti-interference feature to operate smoothly regardless of vibrations or thermal variations in the environment (perfect for use in industrial environments or on the shop floor). 

  • Made in aerospace-grade materials
  • The spherical frame allows an even stress distribution
  • Anti-dust & fog targets suitable for on-site measurement

Technical specifications

Download the Scantech TrackScan-P550 brochure.