Ceramic 3D Printing System

Ceramic 3D printing is an innovative approach that offers a faster and more affordable way to produce detailed and accurate ceramic items. The process starts with transferring a 3D model to the printer. After printing, the object undergoes debinding to remove leftover resin. The last step is sintering, where the ceramic powder is heated in a furnace to create a solid ceramic piece.


3DControls offers a comprehensive Full Ceramic 3D Printing package that includes a high-resolution DLP 3D Printer, specialized Ceramic Materials, and a Sintering Furnace. Our technology enables the creation of complex and precise ceramic structures for industries such as Dental and Jewelry. We provide an affordable solution that eliminates the need for lengthy and expensive mold-making.

The TD6 Ceramic 3D Printer

The TD6 is a high-resolution 3D printer capable of consistently producing intricate structures from highly viscous ceramics. Designed for ease of use and maintenance, the TD6 features a blade system optimized for high resolution. Its 15.6-inch LCD display provides easy access to the user guide and additional features like a slicer and automatic supporter application. In collaboration with Steinfeld, a leader in digital dentistry and AI, 3D Control works on enhancing user convenience even further.

Ceramic Materials

3D Controls is advancing the field of full Ceramic 3D Printing by developing its own specialized materials. We have successfully formulated Zirconia and Alumina liquid materials that can be debinded and sintered to produce flawless ceramic objects.