Coobx EXIGO overview

The EXIGO is an industrial resin 3D printer made by Coobx, a manufacturer from Liechtenstein with more than 20 years of experience in producing machines. The EXIGO uses the proprietary LIFT 3D printing technology.

The EXIGO is available in two different versions, the main difference being the build size:

  • Industrial: with a build volume of 154 x 86 x 340 mm
  • Medical: with a build volume of 154 x 86 x 110 mm

Coobx EXIGO dental applications

In its medical applications, the Coobx EXIGO is perfectly adapted to the digital dentistry. The Coobx EXIGO is capable of 3D printing dental appliances such as dental veneers, night guards, mouth guards and temporary dental crowns and implants.

Coobx EXIGO benefits

The EXIGO sets itself apart from other 3D printers on the market by:

  • The LIFT technology: LIFT stands for Light Initiated Fabrication Technology. LIFT is a process including the choice of materials, the fabrication zone, the 3D printing speed, the accuracy and the curing process.
  • The 3D printing process control: the Coobx EXIGO ecosystem takes care of the whole production process, from the design phase to the final touches, which can be planned and programmed into the machine. Plus, the user has a large amount of control over the settings for the 3D printing, which can be changed during the job.
  • High 3D printing speed: while using the appropriate resins for the task at hand, the EXIGO is able to 3D print as fast as 300 mm/hour.
  • Products available: depending on the destined use, different products are available. Coobx developed eight resins for the medical industry and five for industrial applications.

Coobx EXIGO price

The Coobx EXIGO is an industrial and medical 3D printer. Contact us to get a free quote.