DWS DIGITALWAX 030J overview

The DWS DIGITALWAX 030J is a professional 3D printer from DWS, an Italian manufacturer.

DIGITALWAX J systems are stereolithography machines dedicated to jewelry, based on Stereolithography (SLA) technology. The BluEdge laser head of the DIGITALWAX 030J polymerizes a photocurable proprietary resin.

These 3D printers can build from 80 to 1500 parts in 24 hours (depending on their size and complexity).

DIGITALWAX 030J main features

The DIGITALWAX 030J is a highly productive rapid manufacturing system. High accuracy, large volume capacity and a low running cost are the main features of this innovative system. In combination with DWS’s proprietary castable materials, the DIGITALWAX 0030J is the perfect solution for the mass production of wax-like patterns. Furthermore, this professional 3D printer delivers high accuracy and good surface quality.


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