With round base plate in the size of φ159mm, HBD-150 is equipped with efficient and safe independent atmosphere purification system, sealed glove structure. It also reserves sealed powder adding and powder clearing holes, which could enable adding powder and clearing powder without opening the chamber door, providing safe and stable titanium printing solutions. HBD-150 metal 3D printers are widely used in the fields of medical 3d printing, dental 3d printing, orthopedics, implants, rapid prototyping, education and scientific research, customization, etc. Especially for medical dental 3d printing, HBD-150D is known as medical printer and dental printer. The 3d printer dental is popular for 3d printed dentures, 3d printed teeth (3d printed crowns), and 3d printed implants. Find the best dental 3d printer 2023, dental lab 3d printer, and get a quote of the dental 3d printer price of HBD-150D dental metal 3D printer. And also find HBD metal 3D printer users near you for 3d printing dental crowns, 3d printed dental implants, medical implants and the best 3d printed dentures price.