Hyrel 3D System 30M overview

The Hyrel 3D System 30M is a desktop 3D printer from Hyrel, a manufacturer based in Atlanta, US.

The Hyrel 3D System 30M uses a 3D printing nozzle called the HYREL Emulsifiable Extruder (EMO-25). This extruder is able to squirt out materials like Play-Doh, air-drying clay, and even Sugru, a self-setting rubber that dries into a solid, usable object.

The HYREL System 30M 3D printer boasts a closed metal frame and it is possible to swap the tool heads for specific applications (3D printing, milling, and laser engraving). Laser engraving and milling toolheads are optional purchases.

This 3D printer includes an emergency Off (EMO) button, illuminated control panel, LCD touch screen, as well as tool tree that holds up to eight additional heads. A chamber-heating module is also available separately.

Nozzle diameters vary from 0.35 mm to 1 mm. This 3D printer comes with a tablet PC.