Impossible Objects Model One overview

The Model One is a 3D printer made by Impossible Objects, a manufacturer based in the USA. The Impossible Objects Model One made a bold statement: it’s here to transform manufacturing as we know it.

The Model One features a new technology that Impossible Objects calls CBAM – composite-based additive manufacturing technology- that delivers stronger 3D printed parts in less time and cost while 3D printing with a wide range of materials, including PEEK.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of CBAM is its minimal environmental impact thanks to its reduced energy consumption. Impossible Objects advertises that CBAM is the first completely new 3D printing technology to emerge in the past twenty years.

Model One’s CBAM material features a tensile strength of almost 24,000 psi, versus the maximum 12,000 psi strength of some FDM 3D printers.

The Impossible Objects Model One offers a build area of 305 x 406 x 102 mm. However, height is not limited by the machine and the 3D printer has the potential to 3D print larger objects.

Impossible Objects Model One price

The price of the Model One hasn’t been announced yet.