KWAMBIO Ceramo One overview

The Kwambio Ceramo One is a ceramic additive manufacturing system made by Kwambio, a manufacturer from the Ukraine with headquarters in New York.

This industrial ceramic 3D printer offers relatively high precision and speed.

Ceramo One ceramic 3D printing technology

To 3D print ceramics, the Ceramo One uses binder jetting 3D printing technology. The material used for this technology is powder and a liquid binding agent. Kwambio develops their own proprietary clay-based powder.

Kwambio 3D printer glazes

Users have the possibility to choose between over 100 different glazes. Kwambio’s range of glazes enables objects to boast matte or glossy finishes.

Kwambio Ceramo One price

The price for this professional ceramic 3D printer is at around $25,000. Please contact the manufacturer for additional information.

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