Mcor ARKePro overview

The Mcor ARKePro is a professional full-color 3D printer made by Mcor, an Irish manufacturer. This color 3D printer is an updated version of the popular Mcor ARKe.

Mcor’s full-color ARKePro suits a wide range of professional applications and industries. These include manufacturing, education, life sciences, architecture, entertainment, and more.

The ARKePro provides high-resolution, heat-resistant and durable results with its inkjet CMYK and SDL technology. SDL stands for Selective Deposition Lamination. This 3D printing technique makes use of hundreds of sheets of paper which the 3D printer selectively cuts and colors.

Mcor ARKePro main features

  • Photo-quality colors: the ARKePro offers 4800 x 2400 DPI (XY) and 254 DPI (Z).
  • Recyclable materials: this full-color professional 3D printer uses paper (recyclable) as its consumable.
  • Eco-friendly: this 3D printer is “free from dust, emissions, [and] VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)”.

Mcor ARKePro price

This color desktop 3D printer is available for around $23,000. Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote.

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