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Basic specs Price: > $ 250,000
Brand Tritone Technologies (see all products)
Category Industrial
Topic Metal 3D printing (see all articles)
Technology Material Jetting
Material Metal
Build volume
Release date 2019
Country Israel

Tritone Technologies DOMINANT review

The DOMINANT is an industrial metal 3D printer produced by Tritone Technologies. Tritone Technologies is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Israel.

The DOMINANT is designed to be a true production system and alternative to traditional manufacturing techniques like injection molding. It is, according to Tritone Technologies, capable of producing large batches in a record amount of time. The printer actually boasts six different 40-cm-long build plates.

This additive manufacturing system uses a mix of of material jetting and metal paste deposition to create 3D metal objects. The technology is called MoldJet.

MoldJet technology

First, print heads deposit a layer of dissolvable material that serves as a mold. Then, metal paste is spread across the layer to fill in the holes. The layer then undergoes a heat treatment to be hardened, and a camera inspects the layer to make sure each part is compliant.

If the camera detects an issue, the layer is removed and is re-printed.

Jetting, spreading, and inspection processes are three different stations within the printer. The printer spins its six build platforms under each platform, one by one, at an industrial speed rate.

Once the metal 3D printing process is complete, the mold material is dissolved. The result is a batch of green parts that need to be sintered in a furnace to attain the final result.

Available materials include stainless steel, copper, and titanium.

Tritone Technologies DOMINANT price

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DOMINANT Tritone Technologies


Manufacturer Tritone Technologies
Price > $ 250,000
Release date 2019
Country Israel
Status Available
Category Industrial
Technology Material Jetting
Material Metal


Max. build size
Max. build volume
Max. temperatures
Build chamber
Build plate
Min. layer thickness
XY accuracy
Max. print speed


Nozzle diameter(s)
Filament diameter
Power input


Heated print bed
Dual extruder
Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX)
Multiple extruders (3+)
Pellet extruder
Full color
Conveyor belt
Hybrid manufacturing
Freeform (robotic arm)


SD card
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