Vader Systems Polaris overview

The Vader Systems Polaris is an industrial metal 3D printer made by Vader Systems, a Xerox company from the US. This metal 3D printer is a follow-up to the Vader Systems MK1.

Vader Systems has been acquired by Xerox.

Vader Systems’ metal 3D printer uses a proprietary technology that goes by the name “Magnet-o-Jet”. Its ceramic chamber melts metal wire at 1200°C. The liquid metal is then jetted layer by layer thanks to electromagnetic fields.

With this liquid metal 3D printing technology, the Polaris is able to 3D print aluminum and alloys as well as bronze and copper. The Polaris also features a 19-inch touchscreen to provide full control over the 3D printing process.

Vader Systems Polaris price

Please contact the manufacturer to get a quote for this metal additive manufacturing system.

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