voxeljet VX4000 overview

The voxeljet VX4000 is an industrial 3D printer made by voxeljet, a manufacturer based in Germany.

voxeljet VX4000 3D printing technology

The VX4000 uses Powder Binder Jetting 3D printing technology with sand as its 3D printing material. This process consists of jetting little drops of a liquid binder onto a powder material. The binder solidifies the material before adding another layer of powder. By repeating these steps the part appears layer after layer.

The voxeljet line of industrial 3D printers is suitable for the production of sand molds or models for small series and metal casting applications. The manufacturer advertises that the VX4000 is the largest industrial 3D printer for sand molding worldwide.

Binder Jetting technology is also a popular choice for design samples, jewellery, art and architecture parts.

The manufacturer also produces the VX200 and the VXC800.

VX4000 main features

  • Massive build size: 4000 x 2000 x 1000 mm.
  • Multiple build platforms: enabling semi-continuous 3D printing.

voxeljet VX4000 price

Contact the manufacturer directly to get a quote for the voxeljet VX4000.