The Artec 3D RoboticScan is a professional 3D scanner and robotic arm combination made by Artec 3D, a manufacturer based in Luxembourg. The Artec 3D RoboticScan uses the structured light technology to 3D scan a wide variety of subjects and their textures (colors). The 3D scanning unit is an Artec Space Spider 3D scanner mounted on a UR3 robot arm. The Artec RoboticScan combines the flexibility of a rotating table and a UR3 robot arm to 3D scan quickly small to medium sized objects. The UR3 robot arm is manufactured by Universal Robots, a worldwide company with headquarters in Denmark. The UR3 offers a working radius of 500 mm for a weight of 11 kg and a footprint of only 128 mm. With a maximum payload of 3 kg the UR3 robot arm can easily manipulate the only 0.85 kg heavy Space Spider. The Artec RoboticScan is parametrized to perform what Artec calls "intellectual path planning". This means that the 3D scanner analyses the surface of an object and makes sure that all of the necessary data is captured to create a precise 3D model. In the eventuality some information is missing the software can reroute it to 3D scan the critical areas, to ensure that the whole object is entirely captured. The Artec Space Spider is the high end 3D scanner of the Artec line up. It has a fast booting procedure and offers a great performance for all kind of professional ses cases, including small mechanical parts, figurines, jewelry and high tech devices.

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