FARO Cobalt 3D Imager overview

The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is a professional 3D scanner made by FARO, a manufacturer based in Lake Mary, Florida in the USA.

The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is a metrology-grade non-contact scanner. This 3D scanner uses the blue light technology to capture millions of high resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds.

Compact and lightweight, the FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is easy to use. The combination of speed, accuracy, flexibility and portability makes it great for metrology needs and shop floor applications.

This 3D professional scanner is recommended for quality control/inspection, mold and tool making, rapid manufacturing and 3D printing, reverse engineering and archaeology.

This 3D scanner supports several deployment options including rotary table, robot, industrial inspection cells and multiple imager arrays.

The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is compatible with FARO CAM2 Measure 10.