bq Ciclop (Kit) overview

The bq Ciclop (Kit) is a desktop 3D scanner in kit designed by bq, a manufacturer based in Spain. bq is known for its range of electronics products, from smartphone and tablets to 3D printers and 3D scanners.

The bq Ciclop (Kit) 3D scanner was designed to be open source and affordable. Both the hardware and it operating software called Horus are under a CC-BY-SA (Creative Common Attribution and Share Alike licence) and GPL (General Public License) licence.

The bq Ciclop is delivered as a Kit which takes approximately 1 hour to be assembled.

bq Ciclop features

This low cost 3D scanner kit uses laser triangulation technology to 3D scan objects positioned on its automatic rotating table. The frame of the Ciclop is made from 3D printed PLA parts, produced by bq 3D printers (such as the Witbox and/or Hephestos).

A cheaper version of the bq Ciclop is available with electronic parts only. Also note that several maker’s project reused this 3D scanner components and/or design for developing their own hardware.

bq Ciclop price

The price for the bq Ciclop is $199 (see on Amazon).

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