The HP PRO S3 is a desktop 3D scanner produced by HP. This structured light 3D scanner was previously known as the DAVID SLS-3 before HP acquired David Visions.

HP Structured Light 3D Scanner PRO S3: main features

  • High level of precision: this 3D scanner is able to achieve very precise results with up to 0.05 mm resolution (50 microns).
  • Speed: it takes only a few seconds to create a 3D scan.
  • Color capture: users can obtain full-color 3D scans with this scanning solution.
It comes with a tripod and rail setup, and it's possible to equip it with a second camera to obtain more precision and accuracy. An optional turntable is also available separately as well as a desk scan lever.

HP PRO S3 price

The PRO S3 price is $3,400 (see on Amazon). Discover and compare more 3D scanners with our 3D scanner comparison engine.