The Medit Solutionix D700 is a professional 3D scanner made by Medit, a manufacturer from South Korea. This 3D scanner uses blue LED technology to capture objects in 3D. It is an upgrade of the REXCAN DS3. The Solutionix D700 targets industrials as well as non-industrial users that require 3D scanning small objects with high detail. Applications may range from 3D scanning jewelry to capturing cultural artifacts. This 3D scanner features automatic 3D scanning: users simply need to place the object inside the 3D scanner. The 3D scanner automatically scans the object from multiple angles. The Solutionix D700's cameras have a greater resolution than the Solutionix D500's cameras.

Medit Solutionix D700 price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this professional 3D scanner. Medit also manufactures the Solutionix C500. Discover more 3D scanners with our comparison engine.