The Scan Dimension SOL is an affordable and user-friendly 3D scanner from Scan Dimension, a subsidiary of Global Scanning A/S Group of Denmark. This 3D scanner is suitable for the everyday maker, tech enthusiast, and hobbyist. The SOL is small and lightweight, and via the application it notifies users of next steps with sound notifications or text messages. The SOL uses a combination of laser triangulation and structured light technology.

SOL main features

  • Rotating turntable: the SOL features an automatic turning table, making the 3D scanning process easier for the user. The rotating table is able to support a maximum weight of 2 kg.
  • Versatility: this 3D scanner uses both structured light and laser technology, offering a maximum resolution of 0.1 mm. Users may choose between near and far scanning modes.
  • SOL viewer application: 3D scans can be viewed directly through Scan Dimension's application. It's possible to export the scans in the most common file formats, including OBJ, PLY, STL, and more.
  • User-friendly: according to Scan Dimension, this 3D scanner is easy to use. It eliminates three time-consuming steps: complex calibration, software manipulation, and manual mesh alignment.

Scan Dimension SOL price

This affordable 3D scanner is available at the price of $599 (see offers on Amazon). Discover more 3D scanners with our 3D scanner comparison engine.