The Revopoint POP is an affordable 3D scanner for beginners and hobbyists, available at around $600. Revopoint, a manufacturer based in Shenzhen, raised over $2M on Kickstarter to launch the POP.

POP 3D scanner main features

  • 2-in-1 format: The POP's included scanner holder can be used as a tripod for a stationary, desktop 3D scanning configuration. When folded, the holder enables users to carry the POP around like a handheld 3D scanner.
  • Infrared structured light: The scanner uses structured light technology, casting a light pattern onto objects and capturing the pattern's deformation to determine and generate the object's surface in 3D. The POP's light source is infrared, meaning it is possible to perform a face 3D scan while the subject can keep their eyes open.
  • Texture and colors: Thanks to its RGB sensor, the POP 3D scanner is able to capture colors and generate color 3D models.
  • Simple setup: Only one USB cable is required to use the scanner.
  • Printable scans: Scans from the POP can be 3D printed.

Revopoint POP price

This 3D scanner for hobbyists and beginners is available for $549. Discover more 3D scanners with our 3D scanner comparison engine.