ZEISS COMET 6 overview

The ZEISS COMET 6 is a professional 3D scanner made by ZEISS, a manufacturer based in Germany. In 2015 ZEISS Industrial Metrology acquired majority interest in Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH.

This 3D scanner is equipped with a compact high-performance 3D sensor which uses innovative structured blue LED lighting 3D scanning technology. The ZEISS COMET 6 uses adaptive projection technology (3D ILC – Intelligent Light Control) to locally adapt the light quantity projected onto the object surface. This minimizes undesired effects such as glare.

The sensor makes fast and accurate 3D data acquisitions. The ZEISS COMET 6 is the ideal solution for users who want to take advantage of the extensive functionality of optical metrology without compromising performance, technology or data quality. This 3D scanner is available in two versions, the COMET 6 8MP and the COMET 6 16MP. This page gives the characteristics, price and performance of the ZEISS COMET 6 16MP.

This 3D professional scanner is recommended for quality control/inspection, mold and tool making, rapid manufacturing and 3D printing, reverse engineering and archaeology.