The 3DGence Material Management System provides pre-configuration for material requirements and reduces the risk of print failure and inadequate final material results. The automated MMS prepares the materials for seamless printing and maximum strength, thermal, and chemical resistant properties.

Moreover, an additional enhanced feature is real-time connectivity to 3DGence CONNECT™ – the software dashboard and connected cloud platform that enhances the user experience, productivity, and throughput. The MMS reads the 3DGence materials to instantly load proper configurations and send real-time status to the 3DGence Connect™ software solution for better workflow and print management.

Functions and Benefits

Scan 3DGence Certified Materials to the Material Management System (MMS) reader and the user interface will provide instructions and will automatically load the preconfigured drying or storage program. Each material will be processed according to the manufacturer’s material-specific requirements. The system chooses and indicates the exact compartment and location to dry and store the material spool.

Full Traceability

The 3DGence MMS is a solution dedicated to ensuring materials are in proper condition during the printing process and constantly monitoring and recording the progress. With real-time integration with 3DGence CONNECT™, the MMS transfers information from the materials for full traceability and a seamless workflow. This is further enhanced with certain, specific material manufacturer traceability for industry-certified materials that are available in the 3DGence open material portfolio, such as ULTEM™ AM9085F, 3DGence AS9100 PEEK, Evonik Vestakeep i4, and others.

Material Management System – features

The 3DGence MMS is designed with:

  • 3 compartments with each housing.
  • 4 dedicated material locations each.
  • The user interface and workflow are operated from the built-in 10-inch touchscreen.
  • The device can be extended with MMS Add-on (slave device), both operated from the same touchscreen, for a total of 6 compartments.
  • The 3DGence MMS benefits from 3DGence CONNECT™, an ever-expanding and fully interconnected system between software, hardware, and process control – with more connected features coming soon.

Have confidence in control and traceability over the entire print process – from design preparation to the finished part.

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