Bam10: Automated Blasting Solution for Surface Treatment

Bam10 is an automated blasting system designed for part cleaning and surface treatment, integrating cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design. It is specifically tailored for industrial applications requiring high-efficiency blasting solutions:

  • Advanced Blasting Drum and Nozzle Technology: The system includes a 50l rotary blasting drum (Ø 500 mm) and two sets of suction blasting nozzle type POWER GUN, ensuring thorough and uniform surface treatment.
  • Intuitive Control and Enhanced Visibility: Operators benefit from a color touch display and a big window for process monitoring, paired with LED workspace illumination. These features provide ease of use and enhanced control over the blasting process.
  • Safety-Oriented Design with Robust Construction: The inclusion of heavy-duty gloves for manual work, safety fixtures for both manual and automatic modes, and an explosion-proof design underscore its commitment to operator safety and durability.

Bam10, with its advanced features and robust design, is the perfect automated blasting solution for industrial part cleaning and surface treatment.

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