Mars02 BJP: Manual De-Powdering System for Binder Jet Parts

The Mars02 BJP, a manual system designed specifically for removing powder from hard-to-reach channels, cavities, and support structures in binder jetted parts, significantly advances the post-processing capabilities in additive manufacturing. Mars02 BJP elevates the efficiency and safety of manual de-powdering, ensuring an optimized post-processing workflow for a wide range of materials:

  • Precision De-Powdering: This system incorporates a unique trolley mechanism to smoothly load the build box into the workspace, with a lifting mechanism for precise vertical movement (up to 200 mm) controlled by foot pedals. This feature allows for positioning and easy handling of parts, catering to the specific requirements of each batch.
  • Versatile and Safe Material Handling: The Mars02 BJP is adept at processing various materials, including metals and ceramics, and is designed to be explosion-proof for materials like titanium. Its airtight workspace prevents powder leakage, ensuring a safe and clean environment. Operators can manually clean 3D printed parts with ease, thanks to built-in gloves and workspace openings, maintaining a controlled and secure operating condition.
  • Efficient Powder Management and Recovery: Excess powder is efficiently removed using a blow-off gun or manually pushed into hoppers, triggering a vacuum process for easy access and recovery. The system includes a cyclone separator and an HEPA13 exhaust cartridge, alongside an exhaust filter unit for comprehensive filtration. An optional upgraded recycling system integrates sieving capabilities directly into the machine, further enhancing powder reuse and reducing waste.


  • Inert gas infusion system, equipped with openings and built-in gloves
  • Upgraded recycling system, that integrates sieving capabilities into the machine

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