Mars01: Precision Manual De-Powdering System

The Mars01 is an manual system for removing powder from hard-to-access parts and support structures in metal processing. This system is tailored for precise and safe manual de-powdering, showcasing the latest advancements in technology and design. The Mars01 excels in offering precise control, safety, and ease of use:

  • Manual Operation with Enhanced Control: Mars01 comes with a manual rotary table (Ø 450 mm) featuring a lock mechanism, enabling precise handling of parts. This setup is ideal for targeted de-powdering of complex parts where manual control is essential.
  • Optimized Monitoring and Workspace Design: Equipped with a big window for process monitoring and LED workspace illumination, the Mars01 allows operators to work with increased visibility and precision. The ergonomic design ensures comfort and efficiency in manual operations.
  • Dedicated Safety Features and Robust Design: The system is designed with safety as a priority, including heavy-duty gloves for manual work, an explosion-proof structure, and safety fixtures for secure operation. These features ensure operator safety while maintaining high work standards.

The system also includes a butterfly valve closed collection hopper, a manual blow-off gun, and an electronic control box for efficient management of all machine functions. The Mars01, with its comprehensive features, is the perfect choice for manual precision de-powdering in metal processing and additive manufacturing.


  • Inert gas infusion system, that maintain Oxygen level in range 4-2% during operation (Argon or Nitrogen can be used)

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