3DCeram Ceramaker overview

The 3DCeram Ceramaker is an industrial 3D printer made by 3DCeram, a manufacturer operating from France.

The Ceramaker is mostly suitable for jewelry and medical applications, but is also capable of 3D printing components for the electronics industry.

3DCeram 3D printing technology

This industrial additive manufacturing system 3D prints photocurable ceramic paste: alumina, zirconia or hydroxyapatite. In order to 3D print this material, the Ceramaker uses stereolithography 3D printing technology.

First, the 3D printer spreads a thin layer of photocurable ceramic paste onto the build platform. Then, the Ceramaker selectively solidifies the material with a precise UV laser. The process goes on layer after layer, to create a green (unfinished) object.

The green part must then go through cleaning, debinding, and sintering processes to reach its final form.

3DCeram Ceramaker price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this industrial ceramic 3D printer.

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