Advanced Solutions BioAssemblyBot overview

BioAssemblyBot® (BAB) is a six-axis 3D bioprinting system produced by Louisville, KY-based Advanced Solutions.

BAB is an intelligent robotic platform used to build and assemble a variety of living and non-living structures and devices for biomedical applications and research.

Unlike traditional 3D bioprinters, BioAssemblyBot utilizes a freely moving robotic arm to print in multiple axes and perform additional tasks all related to tissue, tissue model, and soft device fabrication. These tasks include bioprinting, object placing, pipetting, calibrating, injecting, and more.

BioAssemblyBot main features

  • Six degrees of 3D print freedom
  • Temperature-controlled bioprinting tools (from 0°C to 160°C)
  • UV bioprinting tools: 365nm and 405nm
  • Automated pipetting
  • Connects to bioreactors
  • Connects to 3D imaging equipment (ie. GE’s IN Cell 6500hs Confocal Scanning Microscope)

Advanced Solutions BioAssemblyBot price

The BAB 3D bioprinter is available at the starting price of $99,995.

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