The POSEIDON is a Hybrid 3D Printer that utilizes the Pulsar pellet system and Typhoon high-flow filament system from Dyze Design. It is an enclosed 3D Printer that incorporates an enclosed high-speed belt system on the X and Y axis, plus Teknic Servo motors on the X and Y axis. By using an enclosed high-speed belt system and USA Made servo motors, the POSEIDON can easily hit 500mm/s travel speed. By incorporating both a pellet and a filament system, the end user can do either a pellet print or a filament print. This gives the operator the option to choose the extrusion system that is best for their application, this is why we call it a Hybrid system.

Filament Innovations POSEIDON main features

By working with the Filament Innovations team, you are working with a family-owned business that is dedicated to your success. If any problems would arise with your machine, you can talk directly to the technicians that built it to ensure you are operational as soon as possible. We have zero compromises to quality and customer success.

Since Filament Innovations manufactures these printers in-house, all printers can be customized! Please contact us if you need something modified or custom-made to your specifications.

Fast Facts: 

  • Machine Size (W,D,H): 92″x70″x88″
  • Weight: ~2,000lbs
  • Print Area (X,Y,Z): 1060x1080x1050mm
  • Motors: USA Made Teknic Servos X and Y
  • Motion: Enclosed High-Speed Belt
  • Extruder: Pulsar – Pellets and Typhoon – 2.85mm Filament
  • Pellet Feeding: Pneumatic
  • Available Print Surfaces: PEI, Buildtak, G10/FR4, Steel
  • Print Plate: Magnetic when Available
  • Build Plate: 3/8″ MIC-6
  • Max Print Temperature: 450C
  • Max Bed Temperature: 120C
  • Bed Leveling: Tilt and Mesh
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Ethernet, USB
  • Slicer: ODIN by FI
  • Power: 220/240VAC, Single Phase, 50 amp

Filament Innovations POSEIDON price

The price of $125,000 USD includes the Poseidon and 25kg Pellet Dryer. Shipping is not included.

Facility must supply 100psi air.

All machines are built in the USA in our shop in Pennsylvania. Thank you for considering Filament Innovations!