The BigRep ONE is a professional 3D printer made by BigRep, a manufacturer based in Germany. It was first released in 2015 and has received various updates over the years. BigRep’s ONE features a massive build size of 1005 x 1005 x 1005 mm.

This 3D printer includes a spool holder that fits all standard spool sizes. The spool holder can hold several filament spools of up to 8 kg each.

BigRep ONE main features

  • Independent dual extruder: enables 3D printing with two different colors or materials simultaneously. The print heads are modular and easily replaced without requiring tools.
  • Filament sensor: warns users when filament is about to run out.
  • Touch-panel: for a more intuitive user experience.

The One is compatible with a range of materials: PLA, PETG, PRO HT, PRO HS, PVA, and composite fiber-filled materials.

BigRep ONE price

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