BigRep Studio overview

The BigRep Studio is a large volume industrial 3D printer made by BigRep, a manufacturer based in Germany. This CE-certified 3D printer targets professional users in a variety of industries.

The most recent version of this printer is the STUDIO G2.

The Studio’s ergonomic design, easy set-up and intuitive interface via a large color touchscreen provide a user-friendly experience. Additionally, an on-board camera allows users to monitor the 3D printing process remotely.

Studio main features

  • Large build volume: 500 x 1000 x 500mm.
  • Dual extruder: to 3D print with two different materials simultaneously.
  • Heated print bed: the print bed can heat up to 80°C.
  • Resume print: the Studio constantly saves its progress to know where it left off in case of a power failure.

The BigRep Studio can 3D print with BigRep’s proprietary PLA, PETG, PRO HT and PRO HS filaments.

BigRep Studio price

This 3D printer is no longer available. See the STUDIO G2.

BigRep also manufactures the BigRep One.