EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter Manufacturer Series overview

The EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter Manufacturer Series is an industrial 3D bio-printer made by EnvisionTEC, a German manufacturer.

Bioprinting is the precise depositing of biomaterials such as cells, proteins, bacteria and bio-gels in 2D or 3D. This technology can be used as a tool in high-throughput applications, or to mimic biological systems that are more closer and accurate to the actual living systems for research, testing and diagnosis.

The EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter Manufacturer Series 3D printing technique can be described as the deposition of multiple materials in three dimensions using pressure. A wide range of materials from a viscous paste to a liquid (Hydroxyapatite, Titanium, Chitosan, Agar, Silicone…) are inserted using syringes moving in three dimensions. The 3D-Bioplotter system is thus a suitable rapid prototyping tool to create 3D prototypes with a defined outer form and an open inner structure.