Peopoly Phenom XXL overview

The Peopoly Phenom XXL is a large resin 3D printer that uses MSLA technology. MSLA stands for Masked Stereolithography, which is based on the use of an LCD screen to mask a projector’s light.

Peopoly, a Hong Kong-based 3D printer manufacturer, launched this large resin 3D printer to cater to more advanced users in automobile, entertainment, and medical industries. The Phenom XXL offers a 500% bigger build volume than the standard Peopoly Phenom, and provides over four times more volume than the Formlabs Form 3L.

Phenom XXL main features

  • XXL build area
  • Industrial-grade 4K LCD panel
  • High-volume production
  • Easy to use

Peopoly Phenom XXL price

Please contact us to get a quote for this large SLA 3D printer.

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