Sciaky EBAM 110 Series overview

The EBAM 110 Series is an industrial 3D printer made by Sciaky, a manufacturer based in Chicago, US.

Sciaky EBAM 110 Series 3D printing technology

Sciaky industrial 3D printers use a 3D printing technology called Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM). The Sciaky EBAM’s electron beam (EB) gun deposits metal (via wire feedstock) layer by layer until the part reaches near-net shape and is ready for finishing.

Sciaky EBAM 110 Series main features

  • Metal 3D printing: this additive manufacturing system can 3D print with metal and metal alloy materials.
  • Speed: the EBAM 3D printing metal technology allows for very fast deposition rates ranging from 7 to 20 lbs of metal/hour.
  • 3D scanning system: the EBAM 110 Series features a CNC 3D scanning system.
  • Very large 3D printing volume: The Sciaky EBAM 110 Series features a massive build size of 1778 x 1194 x 1600 mm.

Sciaky EBAM 110 Series price

Contact the manufacturer directly to get a quote.