9T Labs Red Series overview

The 9T Labs Red Series combines a classical FDM printing unit and an adjacent Fusion Unit for post-processing, both produced by 9T Labs.

9T Labs is a young innovative company focused on automated composites production based in Switzerland. They started off with an add-on accessory to allow any 3D printer to print carbon fiber strands, the CarbonKit.

9T Labs 3D printer: main features

The Red Series’ main advantage over other processes involving continuous carbon fiber 3D printers is the fact that it’s able to make parts with less than 1% of void and with up to 60% of fiber volume.

This is thanks to a two-step process, the second step being post-processing. It consists in applying high heat and pressure to the part to eliminate empty spaces. The resulting parts can be certified and used for industrial applications. According to 9T Labs, parts printed with the Red Series can even achieve aerospace-grade quality, and at an affordable cost.

Indeed, with automated processes and software that optimizes part weight and design, parts can be produced at a fraction of the costs seen in conventional carbon composite production.

The system isn’t limited to proprietary materials and is compatible with various engineering and high-performance polymers such as PEKK, PEKK, PPS, PA12 (nylon), and bio-sourced PAs. 9T Labs has partnered up with Arkema, Evonik, and Solvay to provide quality materials.

9T Labs Red Series price

The Red Series Industrial 3D printing solution includes the Build Module (3D printer) with access to 9T Labs software, materials, and training. The Red Series Additive Fusion solution adds to the Industrial solution with a Fusion Module and access to the 9T Labs engineering service.

The Fusion module is a high-temperature fusion chamber that heats up to 400°C to further consolidate parts and to ensure quality and reproducibility.

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