Ultimaker Ultimaker S5 overview

The Ultimaker S5 is a professional desktop 3D printer made by Ultimaker, a manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Users may control their S5 from a distance thanks to the Ultimaker App and a Wi-Fi connection. There is also an onboard camera to monitor 3D prints from a distance. Furthermore, to maximize production efficiency, it is possible to group multiple S5 3D printers together with Cura Connect.

Today, the Ultimaker S5 is often referred to as the best professional 3D printer, especially when equipped with the Pro Bundle. The Pro Bundle includes a “material station” where up to 6 spools of filament can be loaded and automatically managed (auto-switch, humidity control, etc.), and an “air manager” that closes up the build area and filters particles.

S5 main features

  • Dual extruder (up to 280°C): this enables 3D printing with two different materials simultaneously, including water-soluble support. Also, users may switch between nozzle sizes (0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm) to focus on speed or detail.
  • Dynamic bed heating system (up to 140°C): there is a real-time feedback system to make sure the print surface maintains a consistent temperature. The aluminum print surface is removable.
  • Active bed leveling: ensures flat first layers.
  • NFC reader: the S5 recognizes the material it is 3D printing to automatically use specific settings.
  • Start and Play system: users may pause and resume 3D prints to swap filament, for example.

Ultimaker S5 versus Ultimaker 3

There are a few differences between the S5 and the Ultimaker 3. The S5 boasts a larger build volume and higher accuracy.

The S5 also boasts additional features such as a full-color 4.7″ touchscreen and a filament detector.

Ultimaker S5 price

This large volume 3D printer for professionals is available at the manufacturer price of$5,995 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

A bundle for professionals is available at the price of $12,000. The pack includes:

  • Air Manager: it is a printer enclosure and air filtering system that sits atop the printer.
  • Material Station: this closed, anti-humidity filament chamber enables the use of up to 6 filaments at a time. It is placed beneath the printer.
  • An Ultimaker S5 3D printer

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