Xioneer X1S Industrial overview

The Xioneer X1S Industrial is an industrial 3D printer (FFF) made by Xioneer, a manufacturer based in Austria. It is designed primarily for rapid prototyping of functional parts using advanced thermoplastic materials such as Nylon.

This 3D printer features independent dual extruders (IDEX). In addition, the easily replaceable nozzles offer options for different 3D printing modes (Standard, Bold, Fine, Hard).

 X1S Industrial main features

  • Independent dual extruders (twin-head patented technology): therefore offers users advanced 3D printing modes such as dual printing, mirror printing, and single prints.
  • Plug-and-play material cartridges: proprietary cartridges which provide users with additional information and print parameters on the material used.
  • Build chamber calibration: Xioneer developed a patented Topographic Scanning Technology to perform the build chamber calibration and ensure uniform chamber heating.

Xioneer X1S Industrial price

Please contact the manufacturer for a quote of the X1S Industrial.

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