XYZprinting PartPro120 xP overview

The XYZprinting PartPro120 xP is a professional resin 3D printer produced by XYZprinting. XYZprinting is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Taiwan.

This professional 3D printer offers a build volume of 114 x 64 x 100 mm. It uses XYZprinting’s Ultra Fast Film 3D printing technology, which is based on DLP technology. This enables the printer to create parts in a matter of minutes. The PartPro120 XP is able to complete a 3cm-tall part in only 10 minutes.

As with most DLP-based printers, printing time remains the same whether it’s printing one part or ten parts, as the projector solidifies entire layers at once (at a rate of 1.2 seconds per layer in this case). XYZprinting states that this 3D printer is up to 75 times faster than other DLP printers in this range.

XYZprinting PartPro120 xP price

The PartPro120 xP price is $8990.

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