The ZENITH is a professional 3D printer made by DENTIS, a manufacturer from South-Korea.

The ZENITH Dentis 3D printer uses the photopolymerization (Stereolithography, also called SLA) 3D printing technology to turn liquid resin into detailed 3D printed parts and objects. This dental 3D printer uses a laser to precisely photocure layers of material.

This 3D printer simply connects through a USB port and is controlled via its large color touchscreen.

ZENITH Dentis features

The ZENITH Dentis main competitive advantages are:

  • Convenient to operate and easy to use

The ZENITH 3D printer features a convenient one-touch operation system with an exclusive software, easy to operate.

  • Maximized cost savings

Affordable wide range of liquid resins

  • Wide range of applications for the dentistry industry

The ZENITH Dentis is capable of producing highly detailed models for various applications, such as surgical guides, clear aligners, dental models and so on.

  • Speed up & raise accuracy

Fast print time allows to accelerate the 3D printing process with greater production capacity and faster turnaround. With the ZENITH Dentis it takes only 2 hours to print 5 pieces of full-arch models with high precision and excellent accuracy.

ZENITH Dentis materials

The ZENITH Dentis is compatible with the following 3D printing liquid resins:
ZMD-1000B Model
ZMD-1000B Clear SG
ZMD-1000B Castable
NextDent Ortho RIGID