ZMorph VX overview

The ZMorph VX is a multifunctional desktop 3D printer manufactured by ZMorph. This AIO (all-in-one) 3D printer features dual extrusion, CNC milling and laser cutting and engraving capabilities.

The multifunctional VX features a high-quality frame, carriage and sliding rails. A special CNC table features pre-set holes.

The VX’s multi-functionality enables users to work with a wide variety of materials.

ZMorph VX main features

  • Automatic calibration: the VX sets the correct height between the Z and Y axis. The print bed doesn’t require bed leveling.
  • Dual extruder: for multi-material and multi-color 3D prints.
  • Heated build plate: can heat up to 100°C. Detachable borosilicate glass sheets are available.
  • Closed loop: an error correction loop prevents layer offset.
  • Multi-tool head: enables the following functionalities:
    • CNC milling (for wood, polycarbonates, acrylic glass, machining wax and more).
    • Laser engraver (for wood, leather and copper laminate).
    • Laser cutter (paper, cardboard, felt, thin gasket materials).
    • Paste extrusion (chocolate, dough, cream cheese, frosting and more).
  • Touchscreen: offers a friendlier user experience.
  • Silent X and Y steppers: reduces noise by 50%.
  • Interchangeable nozzles: nozzles diameters of 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 mm are available.
  • Voxelizer software: Voxelizer, ZMorph’s proprietary software, offers improved user experience and works with various fabrication techniques (3D printing, CNC milling and laser cutting). The VX is also compatible with Simplify3D, Cura and Slic3r.

ZMorph VX price

The VX is available at the manufacturer starting price of $2,799, or $4,399 with all of the functionalities. The VX is available on Amazon.

ZMorph also manufactures the ZMorph 2.0 SX.