The KIRI Phiz is a smartphone-powerd laser 3D scanner manufactured by KIRI Innovations, which is based in Canada.

Phiz smartphone 3D scanner main features

  • Innovative design: the Phiz Turntable is separate from the Phiz Beacon, allowing users to adjust the distance between the scanner and the object to scan depending on the object’s size. Both the Turntable and Beacon feature built-in batteries and communicate together wirelessly via the smartphone.
  • 3DScanLink: the dedicated Phiz app enables users to control their scanner via an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The app is updated regularly and offers a range of different features and 3D scanning algorithms.
  • OS compatibility: the scanner is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

3D models can be exported for VR/AR, engineering purposes, educational workshops, and even 3D printing.

KIRI Innovations Phiz price

The Phiz smartphone 3D scanner is available starting at $379.

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