The LMI Technologies HDI 109 is a 3D scanner made by LMI Technologies, a manufacturer based in Canada. The LMI Technologies HDI 100 series are advanced 3D scanning systems using blue LED projection technology. The LMI Technologies HDI 109 was designed for demanding industry applications that depend on accurate and repeatable scanning results, down to 34 microns. This precision makes it capable of 3D scanning small parts and objects, from electronics to dental applications. The LMI Technologies HDI 109 is ideal for reverse engineering and for 3D inspection, measurement, and visualization. With a solid aluminum body that is dust proof and water resistant (IP67 rated), this 3D scanner is pre-calibrated to produce repeatable 3D scanning results while operating in harsh environments. The HDI 3D scanners are sold with FlexScan, a dedicated operating software, capable to produce and optimize detailed 3D files. The next generation of HDI 3D scanners are under the name HDI Compact series.