The MicroScribe MLX is a desktop 3D scanner made by MicroScribe, a manufacturer based in the USA. MicroScribe is a brand of Solution Technologies, Inc. The MicroScribe digitizers are used as a point-to-point, edge-to-edge data collection tools or alignment trackers for attached laser scanners or other types of sensing devices. These 3D scanners are portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) which use a contact based 3D scanning technology. This desktop system comes in two versions, the general purpose MicroScribe G series and the higher accuracy MicroScribe M series. Each series offers two working volumes, 50” (short version) and 66” (long version) and comes with either five (5) or six (6) degrees of freedom. The six degree of freedom (6DoF) systems add a rotating stylus appropriate for the attachment of laser scanners and other sensing devices. The counterbalanced mechanical arm or the MicroScribe MLX is equipped with precision bearings for smooth, effortless manipulation. Each joint uses digital optical sensors, which are immune from any environmental noise and interference. This creates a versatile system that can work in most any environment and be used with solid objects of most any material.