The RangeVision Standard Plus is a professional 3D scanner made by RangeVision, a manufacturer with years of experience in decoration and art, design, tuning, jewelry and manufacturing. The RangeVision Standard Plus uses the structured light 3D scanning technology and supports different alignment methods. It is possible to 3D scan either with markers or without them, as well as with the use of a rotary table. The flexibility of the RangeVision Standard Plus scanner allows to obtain highly detailed and accurate scans of small (< 5 cm) and rather big (> 1 m) real world objects in one 3D scan. For bigger subjects (such as cars) it is possible to fuse several 3D scans. This multi-purpose 3D scanner is provided into 2 different versions: the Standard Plus configuration ($11,700) and the Advanced configuration ($14,500). A cheaper product called the Smart is also available for less than $2,000. The RangeVision Standard Plus can receive several options: >Automatic turntable for scanning of small objects (such as jewelry items). It is fully integrated with RangeVision 3D scanner software. >Blue light add-on. These are special filters screwed on lenses which allow to 3D scan even in difficult lighting conditions (bright illumination, outdoor 3D scanning in sunny day). >Protective case.