Established in December 2014, 3DControls is a specialist in ceramic 3D printing.
The company holds 19 technology patents, both domestically and internationally, and was certified as a core strategic technology company by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of the Republic of Korea in 2020. In July 2023, its ‘Ceramic Parts 3D Printing System’ was designated as an innovative product eligible for supply to government agencies.

3D Controls’ showroom in Busan, Korea.

3DControls aims to revolutionize the industry by addressing the common challenges faced in traditional ceramic manufacturing processes such as molding, CNC cutting, and injection molding. To do so, the company has developed its own ceramic composite material, optimized 3D printer, the TD6, and sintering furnace equipment allowing a continuous and reliable manufacturing process. This innovation broadens the applications of ceramic 3D printing in industries like dental, jewelry, semiconductors, and batteries.

An overview of the TD6.

The ‘TD6’ is a fully sintered ceramic 3D printer that utilizes top-down surface irradiation technology, a patented material flattening system, and a user-friendly interface with a 15.6-inch touch LCD for easy operation. The company’s commercialized ceramic composite materials include the alumina ‘3DCERA-A1 series’ and the zirconia ‘3DCERA-Z3 series,’ suitable for creating jewelry and permanent tooth prostheses. Other materials in development include silicon nitride, alumina-reinforced zirconia, and yttrium oxide.

3D Controls’ furnace.

3DControls’ proprietary sintering furnace device ensures the removal of all binders, yielding a final product with a density exceeding 99.5%, surpassing the precision of CNC/CIM methods. The technology is suitable for high-value, high-tech industries and eliminates the need for additional equipment to mitigate noise, airborne dust, or high-pressure water. The 3D printer is mobile, with wheels mounted below its main body, ensuring high-quality final products can be produced anytime, anywhere.

Ceramic parts produced with the TD6.

Looking ahead, 3DControls aims to expand its equipment sizes and hasten the development of new materials. The company has established a demo center in Seoul and offers prototyping services upon request. It is also actively seeking partners for selling materials and equipment both domestically and internationally.